Your Period

Your periods or menstrual cycle is a part of your life. It comes and goes every 28 days with little inconvenience to your daily routine; but what starts it all? These are the plain and simple facts behind your period. Let break it down to four parts:

The beginning
Day 1 of a woman’s cycle occurs at a time you would think should be the end. Rather than starting on ovulation, it starts on the first day menstrual bleeding occurs. Many women may begin and end menstruation without experiencing any side effects. Of course, for some women, days 1 to 7 are accompanied by cramping, back pain, and headaches that lessen as menstruation slows and eventually stops.

Days 8 to 14 are when ovulation occurs. The most mature egg will be released from its follicle and begin traveling toward the fallopian tube. For many women this goes totally unnoticed. For others it can be accompanied by abdominal twinges, minor back pain, or sensations of discomfort.

Unsafe days
Days 15 to 19 the egg is traveling from the fallopian tube to the uterus. This is when you are most susceptible to pregnancy.

The end
Days 20 to 28 your body is preparing for pregnancy. During these eight days, if the egg has reached the uterus unfertilized, it will begin to disintegrate. The top layers of the uterus will also begin to disintegrate once your body realizes it's not pregnant. This is when some women can experience PMS – pre-menstrual syndrome, characterized by back pain, breast tenderness, headaches, water retention, mood swings, acne, and food cravings that run from chocolate to pickles.

This brings you all the way back to Day 1 when menstrual bleeding begins.